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The Catspad App

With its intuitive design and great functionality, the Catspad app is very easy to use. It will make your life easier by allowing you to manage everything directly from your smartphone. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

Cat identification

Catspad is a great multiple cat feeder. It can identity one or several cats, either manually or automatically, by detecting their chips or collars. You can create a private profile for each of your cats, with their name, age, breed, and even picture.

Meal scheduling

You control everything : at what time, how often, and how much your cat is fed. The app makes it easy to dispense meals at any time, or you can set specific times so it's automatic. Feeding your cat whenever the bowl is empty is also a possibility; this can help keep dogs out.

Cat water fountain

You can choose to activate or deactivate the pump of the cat water fountain whenever you want. You can also choose to activate it whenever your cat is near the Catspad.

Supply notifications

You can check the amount of cat food and water available in the remote cat feeder at any time on your app. It will also notify you 3 days before you run out – or you could change this setting and set up a different notification.

The Catspad Team

We are group of cat lovers with different backgrounds. We are engineers, developers, vets, communication specialists. We love cats so much that we decided to make it easy to take even better care of them. We worked hard to fufill our goal : invent the smartest solution for pet care. The end product of our dedication ? Catspad, the only smart pet feeder that truly understands cats, their needs, and how to make the lives of owners around the world easier.

  • Brice Cavelier
  • Mozart
  • Julie Leleu
  • Maxime Boguta
  • Imène Bouzouaya
  • Maïwenn Salaun
  • Philéas Elie
  • Hadrien Languetif
  • Martin Petrov


CTO & Co-founder

A passionate inventor and innovative creator, Brice is the father of our best Catspaddicted innovations.

Cat personnality

California Spangler : Clever


Inspiration Manager

A fierce tiger with beautiful eyes, Mozart is our feline mascot whose charm and flirtatiousness never ceases to amaze us.

Human personnality



CEO & Co-founder

A forever cat lover and adventure seeker, Julie's boundless energy and positive attitude drive the team to greatness every day.

Cat personnality

Peterbald : Hyperactive


Web & Mobile developer

Developer-wizard, Maxime’s ability to turn the ideas of the Catspad crew into lines of code is nothing short of witchcraft!

Cat personnality

Chinchilla : Sleepy


Business developer

A true super-hero in the making, Imene's wide skillset and dedication make it possible for Catspad's wildest dreams to come true.

Cat personnality

Singapura : Hunter


Communications manager

SpokesCatWoman, Maïwenn knows how to take care of our furry friends and (just as importantly…) their owners too. She is passionate and will gladly climb mountains to get the word out that Catspad is a revolutionary, life-changing product !

Cat personnality

Donskoy : Curious


Graphic designer

Our resident feline artist. Philéas’ creativity knows no bounds – producing our glorious and powerful Catspad graphics.

Cat personnality

Bengal : Playful


Video maker

A talented and creative video maker, Hadrien's ability to communicate our cat addiction is nothing short of wondrous.

Cat personnality

Birman: Loyal


Electronic engineer

A workaholic geek, Martin always finds the most amazing solutions to create a truly unique automatic cat feeder.

Cat personnality

Persan : Independent

Our partners

We are eternally grateful to all of those who supported us financially, or by talking about us in the press or on social media. Thank you all so much for your valuable support !

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