Your new personal assistant

Whether you are busy with kids or overwhelmed at work, you need to sleep until noon or you like to go out a lot, Catspad will be a real assistant in your daily life. No need to worry about  your little cat, Catspad will help you take care of you little kitten. All what you have to do, is give them the hugs they’re waiting from you.


Your trusted petsitter

You have a cat but you spend most of your time out? Or you just love to travel? Well; good news! Your life will become much easier with Catspad. no need to look for someone to take care of your fury friend; with Catspad, you can do so by using your smart phone.


A permanent relationship

If  you adopted a cat, that means that you really love pets. . And sometimes we just want to spend all our time with them, know what they are doing or if they are happy. With Catspad, you’ll be closer to your cat more than ever.









Catspad is equipped with a filtration system and a pump to provide always-fresh tasting water. The fountain keeps the water flowing all day, which makes your cat excited by the movement, and entices him to drink more and therefore stay healthy.



Catspad is your best friend, it will help you feed your pet even if you are away! Set up your smart dispenser using your mobile. Adjust the amount of food and water for your cat or just refill the bowl once it is empty! Its recognition system will allow you to control the portion according to your cat’s needs.



With Catspad, you can receive all important information concerning your cat, directly on your smartphone. You can know if he eats well, if he drinks enough water, and you can also monitor the food consumption for a specific period of time and control the stocks. If any problem occurs, you will be notified.


Manage everything from your mobile phone


You can set the meals, times and quantities; control the food and water stocks, and check up on your cat’s food consumption during a given period of time.